X Small 7-11"       15mm wide

                                 (on black webbing) 

    Small  9-14”                  20mm wide


    Medium Narrow 11-17"  20mm wide   


    Medium  11-17”             25mm wide


    Large - 14-20”                25mm wide 


    Xtra Large  - 18-26”        25mm wide

    If your dog's neck measurement is near the top of a collars adjustable size range pick the next size up.

    If you are not sure please get in touch.


    It's really important to get the correct size of collar for your dog.

    If you don't already know your dog's neck size, measure around your dog's neck with a flexible tape measure or use a piece of string that can then be measured. (Measuring an existing collar isn't as accurate).

    To get the correct fit you should be able to get two fingers comfortably between the collar and the neck. 

    Do make sure you also know which width of collar would be right for your dog. 


    If you need advice on sizing then please get in touch via the contact form and we'll be happy to help.


    Leads are only available in the Classic Harris Tweeds .

    They can be found at the bottom of each collars scrolling size menu.


    Harris Tweed leads come in two widths, 20mm & 25mm wide and are 120cm in length as standard. 

    Its always best to match the width of your lead with the width of your collar. (pick a 20mm lead to match 15mm collar).


    All leads come with an O ring in the handle so they can be secured around your neck when your dog is having fun off lead.

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