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Designer Handmade Dog Collars

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All Furry Necks collars are designed to be durable and stand up very well to everyday wear by dogs of all sizes.

We test the durability of the collars and leads on our own dogs who are boisterous and very active Hungarian Vizslas.

The collars stand up extremely well to daily wear, hikes in the woods, charging around in the park and general doggie exploits.  We do not recommend that collars with metal hardware are exposed to salt water.


Harris Tweed is a natural fabric and  although a very tough and durable fabric it can snag if caught or scratched at by your dog.

It is the dog owners responsibility to make sure that Furry Necks products are suitable for their dog and the life of the collar will depend on the activity level of the dog.

Please be aware that if heavy metal ID tags are used then this can dent the metal surface of the clip.


To ensure your clip collar clicks/locks securely around your dogs neck the metal clip should be kept free of sand and grit build up inside the clip. A quick check and rinse under the tap every now and then will keep the aluminium clip free from grit and working perfectly.


Harris Tweed is 100% wool and can be cool washed by hand or put on a 30c machine wash. A quick soak can be used to remove dirt before putting in the machine but do not scrub at the tweed.  Before putting in the washing machine place the collar in a pillowcase or even better tied in a large sock to protect the collar hardwear and your machine.

Collars should then be reshaped and hung to dry naturally or placed flat away from a direct source of heat.


Over the months Harris tweed can get a little fluffy. To resolve this lie the collar flat after washing and once its dry gently use a rasor to shave the fluff off moving down the length of the collar band. Your collar will be fluff free and revitalised.


We do not recommend that collars with metal hardware are exposed to salt water.  If salt water exposure does happen the metal hardwear should be rinsed with fresh water and the collar taken off and dried. Prolonged exposed to fresh water such as swimming on a regular basis isn't advised.


*All Cotton Liberty Print collars should also be washed as above.

How do I care for my Furry Necks collar?

How durable are Furry Necks collars?

If your collar gets very mucky or your dog has a habit of rolling in stinky things like fox poop don't panic. All you need to do is place the collar in a bucklet/sink of warmish water for a while to loosen the worst of it, agitate to loosen it (don't scrub) and then wash as normal in a sock at 30-40c in the machine.

Help my dogs rolled in .....

When will I receive my order?

When you purchase a collar or lead from Furry Necks you are buying a beautiful handmade to order item.

All our items are made from scratch so do take longer than off the shelf mass produced dog collars.

Due to this order take around 7-10 working days to arrive, though we always endevour to get them made and on their way to you as quickly as possible.


Durring busy times of the year such as the run up to Christmas orders can take longer than 7-10 working days, if this is the case there will be a notice on the website homepage indicating this.